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46 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways Sandton, Greater Johannesburg

The Kim Field Academy is a name synonymous with exceptionally high standards in education.


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The Kim Field Academy is a name synonymous with exceptionally high standards in education.

What differentiates us from mainstream schooling is our unique approach focusing on developing talent in arts and culture.

As a pupil of Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education your child will benefit from individual attention due to a low pupil to teacher ratio. Not only will your child blossom under all the attention on an academic level but because arts and culture forms an integral part of our school curriculum he/ she will be able to develop their musical, vocal, rhythmic and stage talent under the expert guidance of professionals in each respective field.

Once your child joins our community he/ she will automatically become eligible to audition for S.A Team: The Brat Pack, our flagship group of talented individuals who have a long and illustrious history of winning international contests for the performing arts. The exposure to new cultures and different nationalities help these individuals to bolster their self-confidence immeasurably.


Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education differs from other educational institutions in that we will offer as part of our outstanding educational curriculum and at no extra cost to you subjects in arts and culture. The subjects covering all aspects of the performing arts will form part of your child’s school day and will be presented by qualified world renowned professionals.

These subjects include: Vocal Music/ instrumental, All forms of Dance - Ballet, Contemporary, Modern/Hip Hop/ Break Dance, Tap, acrobatics, Latin, ballroom and Traditional dancing as well as Drama, Stage and Screen.

Grade 1 pupils who enroll with Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education will partake in al the above subjects for the first two terms of the school year where-after a full assessment of their skills will be performed and recommendations made to the parents as to which particular subjects the child will excel in. The parent then chooses the subjects most suitable to his/ her child after which the child will receive focused training in those particular arts.

Education for the first time coming from another school will be assessed to determine which form of the arts they will excel in.

Grade 1, 2 and 3 subjects include English as First Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Life Orientation (Social Subjects: History, Geography), Writing, Art and Culture as well as Afrikaans second language, computers and Physical Education. Golf and swimming are extra mural activities that carry an additional cost.

Learners from Grade 2 are tested with worksheets where they have to answer certain questions. By writing tests in Grade 3, the students prepare for mandatory tests and examinations in the intermediate phase.

Grade 4 -7:

In this phase, the focus is on individual work. The student is required to complete their own activities to encourage them to research facts and master the subject matter independently. Subject specialists will assist to broaden the student's knowledge across various fields.

Assessment is an intensive process. All assessments are corrected accordingly, as the correct answer to every mistake is provided.

Effective work ethic is rewarded to cultivate a curious mind and to encourage students to ask questions. Compulsory subjects in these grades are English 1st Language, Mathematics, Science, which includes Technology and Life Science, Life Orientation, Geography, History, Art and Culture as well as Afrikaans second language. Autonomy and work ethics support the successful completion of a grade.

The academic curriculum is provided by IMPAK. The curriculum is recognised by the Gauteng Department of Education as it follows, adheres to and in some instances exceeds all the requirements and guidelines as per CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements), the latest government legislation.

Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education is a licensed IMPAK learning centre.

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46 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways, Gauteng

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