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St Andrews Avenue Bedfordview, East Rand 2008

A top independent, girls-only private day and boarding school and co-educational preschool. We excel at academics, sport and cultural activities. Our girls are skilled for life.


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People ask… “Why a girls’ only school?” This is, of course, the preference of the individual, but the latest international surveys tend to highlight several very important reasons why this is increasingly becoming the option of first choice.

Boys and girls differ fundamentally in their brain development and function. Girls tend to be more contemplative, collaborative, intuitive and verbal. Girls’ schools are able to adopt learning styles that recognise the way in which girls learn.

At a girls’ only school, there is no activity or subject area in which girls do not hold all the senior positions or excel: all the computer scientists and top athletes are girls. This leads to what is often described as the ‘can-do’ philosophy. There is time for individual attention and academic extension and competition is based on skill rather than gender.

Classrooms, sports fields, culturals, societies and outings become safe and comfortable places where girls are free to express themselves, be more daring and take academic, physical and emotional risks. This may result in girls leaving school with higher self-esteem, great self confidence, better academic results in vital subjects, more genuine subject choice and more opportunities for leadership: all this because they have been taught and nurtured in a way that suits girls best.

Consequently, they are superbly prepared for university and beyond. This is what university admissions and employers are looking for. Socially, girls have time to mature in a safe environment. Girls get plenty of the real world in their lives after school. It can be comforting for a girl not to have to bring social trauma into her learning and to be able to enjoy peer support on a Monday morning.

It is by being on their own as girls, that they are able to address the process of maturing as individuals, being free to establish their identities as young women through classroom debate. They are then able to command their own positions in relation to others and establish social and business relationships based on self worth, as opposed to gender or position.

The social pressures can be gentler so your child grows at her own pace. She drops her shyness and will take risks and become more competitive. St Andrew’s is a happy place where our girls feel special.

St Andrew’s girls are recognisable by their friendliness, confidence and desire to achieve.


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