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At Overall Wellness Centre, we offer you “Integrated Therapy.”


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Life is filled with many ups and downs. This is true for all of us. We are constantly confronted with new challenges, new things to learn, and so much information to remember that we can often feel as though we are walking a tightrope. Stressful situations, compounded one on top of another, or going on and on unresolved, take a toll on our mental and physical states, and we can cause us to be shaken in our wellbeing.

Chronic anxiety, depression, and nervousness can trigger physical symptoms such as headache, stomach upset and pains, and breathing difficulties to name a few. Illnesses like diabetes mellitus, asthma, arthritis, even cancer, are clearly impacted by our emotional state. Medical scientists have provided clear and definite proof that a connection between mind and body exists. So that what exists in your head affect your body and vice-versa.

It is difficult to objectively look at ourselves, and evaluate how much responsibility we have for our present conditions. But, once we are able to do that a wonderful sense of self-control and self care can begin. Holistic medicine (“Holos” in Greek means “total or complete”) views illness as a dysfunction of the individual as a whole being. Our confidence in ourselves as mentally competent and physically able can be shaken. Our faith is a higher power and His loving care and concern for us can be challenged. Once this occurs, no pill alone can restore the balance. We must look inside of ourselves to make the connection and turn ourselves around.

We may need the help of someone with experience and insight to help us tap into our body’s innate or inborn capability to heal it. Becoming aware of our negative living habits, thoughts, and feelings of self-limitation can open the door to healthier ways of living, thinking and being. This is the goal offered by Overall Wellness centre. After evaluation of mind, body, and energy states, a comprehensive plan of treatment is formulated. Each person is considered a unique entity and therefore treatment is customized to the special needs.

We use the following methods of assessment and treatment:

*Karnak Sesor (Electronic Health analysis)
*Frequential healing therapy (Rife)
*F Scan (Virus & Pathogen scan and treatment)
*Light And Sound Therapy (For ADD, ADHD, depression and energy)
*Natural Health supplements
*Muscle testing for allergies
*Muscle testing for correct nutritional supplementation
*Weight loss (Unique concept to address the cause of obesity)


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