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Baby Proof - the first service of its kind in South Africa - a complete, hassle free solution to a child proof home! From identifying potential hot spots in your home; to choosing safety products specific to your needs.


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From identifying potential hot spots in your home; to choosing safety products specific to your needs; to even installing these devices properly & effectively – we cover it all.

So when your little one’s just cruising for a bruising, our uncompromising service will cushion their fall. By Baby proofing not only will you gain awareness of the possible dangers in your home but you will obtain solutions to help keep your Baby Safe.


Safety issues change and increase significantly as newborns grow into toddlers. It is important to consider your child's physical and mental development when evaluating current and future hazards. Although close supervision is important, it is not realistic to think that you can watch your child's every move. In addition, constantly hovering over your child can limit his or her experiences and confidence. Balancing supervision with safety precautions will help prevent accidents and injuries, as well as allow your child to explore and discover new things. Taking the time to research and adopt safe habits can help prevent common accidents and injuries that can occur in & around the house.

Baby Proof Your House by Thinking Like a Toddler

In order to properly baby proof your home, you need to think like a toddler thinks and really get down to his or her level in order to see what he or she sees. When you find something, fix it or get it out of the way of your child by putting it up high, taping it down or putting it someplace else, like the garage or inside a locked room.

Take a look at things by getting down and crawling around. Get organized.
These are the big areas to think of:

• Outlets
• Cleaning Items
• Small items
• Stairways
• Cabinets and Drawers
• Stoves and Hot Items
• Sharp edges
• Water Safety
• Plastic Bags and Cords
• Antique furniture
• Other items
• Other preventative items
• Food items

Change some of your habits to make things safer for baby. For example, you can use vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda to clean things so baby doesn’t get into toxic chemicals. They work well and clean things as good as regular cleaning products. Quit smoking as this can be a bad exposure for baby and can lead to more ear infections and respiratory infections in kids. Keep your guns empty of shells and always locked away. Keep all items up to code and up to currently accepted safety standards and check all the various recall lists to make sure an item of yours isn’t on the list.

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