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28 Robbins Road Salt Rock, North Coast 4420

Ballito Bay Montessori opened its doors in June 1992 with a group of around 20 children. By January 1996 we had grown to accommodate 75 children and had a staff compliment of 4 Directresses and 2 assistants.


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In January 2010 we bought a property and moved our school to 28 Robbins Road, Salt Rock. We accommodate up to 60 children aged 2˝ - 6 years, from Grade 000 to Grade 0. There are three qualified Montessori Directresses and three assistants.

Our Directresses:

• Offer a curriculum that provides structure within which our children can exercise their individuality.
• Are guided by our children’s individual needs and capabilities to offer them developmentally appropriate activities and acknowledge and support children’s individual learning styles.
• Value positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviour, thereby allowing the child to develop self-discipline and parent-supported value systems.
• Recognise the need for children to practice skills and consolidate their learning by providing opportunities for repetition of experiences and extension of their ideas.
• Value daily routines such as eating, toileting, dressing and resting as opportunities for learning and social development, and therefore ensuring that these times are engaging and stimulating.
• Respect the needs and rights of children to make choices and decisions by empowering them to take responsibility.
• Design and establish an enriched environment that stimulates the imagination, promotes creativity and enhances aesthetic development and appreciation of nature.
• Inspire children’s creativity and imagination through exploration and independent research of their total environments.
• Support parents in their role as primary caregivers and share information of benefit to the development of their child.

Our Prepared Environment:

• Provides opportunities for discovery learning through self-selected activities, and encouraging the development of children’s abilities to observe, perceive, explore, investigate, imagine and problem solve. We focus on developing the ability to listen, pay attention and concentrate.
• Values play as a medium for all aspects of development and learning.
• Values the cultures of the children attending our school through presentation of relevant cultural activities.
• Values the arts as symbol systems through which children discover and express meaning and make sense of themselves and their world.
• Is designed and established as an enriched environment that stimulates the imagination, promotes creativity and enhances aesthetic development and appreciation of nature.

Ballito Bay Montessori Pre-School undertakes to:

•Wholly embrace diversity through welcoming multi-cultural children and families to our school as a true reflection of our diverse country and constitution.
•Provide families and their children a friendly, homely environment, which is an extension of the child's family situation.
•Share with parents the vital role of caring for and educating their children, focusing on developing a sense of trust, security and love.
•Develop children with character, who do the right thing even when no-one is watching.
•Develop children to become proactive, finish what they start and love to learn.
•Develop children that are grounded, respectful, accepting and loving.
•Encourage children to become the best they can be in all areas – well rounded.
•Encourage children to always try, never give up and believe that all is possible.
•Provide an environment rich in experiences where nature is respected and admired.
•Children committed to a “green” lifestyle, caring for the earth, nature & conservation.


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Ballito Bay Montessori Pre-school

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