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Are you researching cloth nappies?
This award winning South African nappy delivers the best in versatility and fuss!


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Are you researching cloth nappies?
This award winning South African nappy delivers the best in versatility and fuss!

Bio-Baba nappies are so versatile that a single nappy can be used for:
* day nappies
* night nappies
* swim nappies
* potty training

The all-in-one design (nappy, liner and waterproof) means that they are so quick and easy to fit that anyone can do it. You will also not have to pay for more waterproofs, swim nappies or potty training pants! Bio-Babas are made from 100% unbleached cotton with multi-layers of sustainable and super-absorbent simply won't find a more efficient cloth nappy.

Bio-Baba nappies are available in a One Size Fits All birth to potty option which adjusts with both Velcro and poppers for a really snug fit as well as a super-durable and novelty range suitable for larger babies from 10kg+. If you are potty training or looking for a really unique South African gift then the ‘wild at heart’ leopard print nappy is for you!

Bio-Babas are special because:
* We are locally made so do not have a large carbon footprint

* We use small underpriveleged companies in Lotus River, Mitchells Plain and Athlone for our manufacturing

* We only use 100% natural fibres against babies' skin which is very important to us - using man-made fibres such as viscose/polyester/synthetic fleece against babies' skin is not ideal (hot & clammy!); and of course the process of making syntheitc fabrics uses lots of water and chemicals

* Absorbency - you can not beat the absorbency of our nappies (once the hemp has been washed for a week or 2!) - the fact that we have 2 microfibre layers sewn in to the nappy and that every nappy comes with a 3 layered hemp pad makes these nappies really effective, especially when baby is bigger and the extra absorbency is needed in order to avoid changing every 5 seconds! A thin/small snug-fitting nappy might appeal in the beginning, but as soon as baby is a little bigger you will REALLY appreciate the extra absorbency of the Bio-Baba! Slightly bulky when baby is little is a small price to pay for an effective nappy in the long run!

* Durability - our customers can vouch for the durability of our nappies = we even have a few clients using them on baby number 3! This means a lot to us, especially since it is an investment - you don't want the nappy falling apart after a few months use. This is also where the quality of our natural fabrics comes into play.

* Versatility - being able to be used as a great night nappy, swim/beach nappy and for potty training makes this a really cost effective nappy...with most other systems you probably will have to purchase these extras at an added expense. The fact that every Bio-Baba comes with a hemp booster pad for when baby is bigger MUST be factored into the cost calculations since most other cloth nappy brands do not include their boosters which have to be bought separately.


Plumstead, Western Cape

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