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BioLink provides alternative Bio-Feedback exercises to help improve concentration and focus for all children, including those with ADD / ADHD.


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BioLink is a natural alternative for -
1. ADD
3. Better Focus and Concentration

Improvements are measurable through scientific testing. This is unique to BioLink! Consider this:

- 8 – 10 % of school children are diagnosed with ADHD.
- There is a scientific way to measure the effectiveness of concentration exercises.
- About 30% of children experience adverse side-effects with ADHD medication.
- If our children can increase their concentration span they would learn faster, perform better at school and have more confidence.
- BioLink is at the cutting edge of edu-feedback technology in South Africa!
- BioLink has the sole rights to world renowned Play Attention equipment.

What is Bio-Link? BioLink coaches use different forms of biofeedback exercises to help students to increase focus, concentration and to become more consistent when performing a task. When you are actively engaged or paying attention, the brain emits a signal - an attention signature. We use different types of equipment to measure this attention signature, namely the Play Attention Body Wave armband use (see TIME Magazine) and a headband which makes use of near-Infrared technology to measure blood oxygenation in the frontal lobes of the brain (associated with increase or decrease in concentration). Both these high-tech pieces of equipment allow you to control our computer exercises by mind alone! Your mind becomes the mouse or joystick! These games not only teach you to improve focus, but also to ignore distractions, develop memory skills, finish tasks, and become organized. Attention is now concrete and controllable. Your brain will thank you.

Can attention be measured? Many people don’t realise this, but attention, or one’s ability to concentrate on a specific task for a specific period of time can be measured. BioLink makes use of TOVA technology, a computerised performance test (CPT), to measure your level of attention (in lay terms). This is used as a base from where a bio-feedback design is created for the student. In other words, we can measure the success of the concentration exercises by doing a test before and after a series of sessions to show scientifically how the student has improved. TOVA has been used in close to 3000 scientific studies to measure attention.

Who can benefit from BioLink? Brain exercise or cognitive exercise is like physical exercise: anyone can benefit, regardless of age, gender, profession, or educational background. Play Attention has been used in many thousands of homes, by schools, learning centers, doctors’ offices, psychologists’ offices, olympic teams, universities, and traumatic brain injury hospitals since 1994.

Are the results lasting? Scientific research has demonstrated that the brain is adaptable and capable of learning throughout life. This is termed neuroplasticity. BioLink allows the user to view the attentive state in real-time. Over time, through deliberate practice, students can learn to increase focus and concentration. Deliberate practice entails setting goals to improve skill performance. The interactive exercises also challenge students to improve memory, finishing tasks, visual tracking, and filtering out distractions. Gradually, even ADHD students can retain the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom, work, and home.

When will we start seeing results? Typically within the first 12 to 16 sessions, minor changes will appear. These may include better listening skills, beginning homework on one’s own, or staying more organized. It is important to understand that these are significant positive leaps forward for ADHD students and must be rewarded / reinforced so that they are likely to be repeated.

Is it neurofeedback or bio-feedback? BioLink is not clinical neuro or bio feedback, we like to use the words edu-feedback or educational bio-feedback. Neurofeedback is based on the theory that ADHD persons have abnormal brainwave patterns. Neurofeedback practitioners contend that normalizing these abnormal brainwave patterns can eliminate ADHD symptoms. BioLink does not strive to change brainwave patterns. Changing brainwave patterns does not insure that one can become more organized, have better short-term memory, ignore distractions, or even balance one’s check book in a normal amount of time. These are skills that must be learned and do not readily appear after neurofeedback training. BioLink teaches these skills and insures transfer to the workplace and classroom

Can I take my child off medication? You decided to place your child on medication with a healthcare provider. Use of medication is a medical decision and must be decided under advisement of your healthcare provider. It is important to realize that medication does not teach skills or behaviors. BioLink is an educational skill building tool that also teaches students to improve behaviors. Once these skills are learned, frequently the need for medication greatly diminishes. However, you must discuss the matter with your healthcare provider regarding changes to medication or any medical issues.

How will Play Attention help me at work or school? New statistics estimate that 8% to 10% of all children have ADHD. Roughly 60% to 70% of those children will carry their attention problems into adulthood. Sadly, almost 30% of those on medication will either not get benefits from it, or through parents’ poor control will not use the medication as prescribed by health care practitioners. The inability to finish assignments, stay organized, remember things, or become easily distracted follow children into adulthood where it’s estimated billions of dollars are lost due to these problems. BioLink teaches organization, improves memory, trains you to complete tasks and become less distracted. These skills are vitally important success at either school or the workplace. Additionally, we have the Academic Bridge that teaches you how to finish homework or balance your checkbook in appropriate times. This superior tool is a tremendous asset when learning to complete tasks vitally important to success at work or school.

Does it hurt or is it dangerous? Not at all, you are doing brain exercises. Near-infrared rays have extremely low energy. This type of technology is already used in many studies on the brain. The little device with the red light that doctors place on one of your fingers in order to measure your heart rate and blood saturation uses similar technology – therefore completely harmless.

How do you measure improvement? In order to measure improvement, a TOVA is employed before and after a series of trainings. This is a computerized test that measures response time, consistency, inattention, and impulsivity. TOVA is included to provide parents with a measure of the success of the treatment/exercises. TOVA is a well established psychometric test that has been used in hundreds of peer-reviewed, scientific papers.

What role does nutrition play and can you help? A big role and yes, you can help. Although very few studies up to now were able to clearly show the impact of food additives, sugar and trans-fats on cognitive functioning, it is widely believed that a good diet can help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with ADHD. Bio-Link provides parents with dietary and other health advice when needed. Prof. Visser has almost 20 years of experience in terms of food supplements, and dietary advice is supplied by qualified nutritionists.

What is ADHD? Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurologically based behavioral disorder whose core symptoms include hyperactivity, impulsivity, and distractibility/inattention.

Are Bio-Link exercises only for children with learning disabilities? No, we have many children who want to improve their concentration. Think about it from this point of view: If you want to improve your reading, go to a reading centre. If you want to be able to focus and concentrate for longer periods, visit us at the Bio-link offices.

Are Bio-Feedback exercises cost effective? Like all things, Bio-Feedback is not without limitations. For sustained, long-term change to occur it may require up to 60 sessions or six months of treatment. However, when one considers the life altering change that can be made and the improvement in quality of life, a six month timeframe may not seem too dissonant. When compared to a medication program, the cost is higher for Bio-Feedback in the short-term, but successful long-term change has been found in as few as 20 sessions in 30% of ADHD cases treated with Bio-Feedback. Considering long-term use of medication, if Bio-Feedback results in lasting symptom reduction and the individual does not ‘outgrow’ the disorder, as 60% - 70% do not, then Bio-Feedback is a cost effective alternative.


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