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5 Marconi Road Unit 12, Apollo Park Montagu, Cape Town 7441

Caring Candies are completely FREE from all "nasties" like fat, sugar, carbs, artificial colourants, artificial sweeteners, allergens and preservatives.


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Caring Candies were developed in 2003 by my husband, Neil and I (Denise), a Cape Town-based couple with two young children, and out of sheer desperation at the lack of healthy treats available in our country.

At the time Neil was working as an Accountant and I ran my own web design business. After consulting with a local Homeopath, I was put onto a strict diet, which excluded (among other things) sugar.

All the sugar free products on the market were full of synthetic ingredients like artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants and preservatives and caused me to have heart palpitations.

We threw ourselves whole-heartedly into researching alternatives for my sugar-cravings. Neil developed our first sugar free sweets on our kitchen stove and once the taste was to our satisfaction we tried them on friends and family and of course our most demanding critics; our children. By also using a test group of non-diabetic or non-sugar-intolerant individuals we knew that if they liked the taste, then we had a winner on our hands.

So what makes Caring Candies so "Caring"?

Our Sugar-Free Hard Candies are:
Free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, preservatives, and fat. They are allergen-free, have zero glycaemic carbs, and are tooth-friendly, gluten-free, and are kosher pareve. They are also vegan and diabetes-friendly and suitable for those following the Tim Noakes LCHF / Banting lifestyle. Their shelf-life is 2 years from date of manufacture.

Our Sucrose-Free Chocolates are:
Free from sucrose (our 70% Dark chocolate variants are sugar-free), artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, and preservatives. They are low in glycaemic carbs (the carbs come from the dairy), and are tooth-friendly, gluten-free, and are kosher milchik. They are also diabetes-friendly and suitable for those following the Tim Noakes LCHF / Banting lifestyle. Their shelf-life is 1 year from date of manufacture.

What is the difference between SUGAR-FREE and SUCROSE-FREE Chocolate?
Our milk chocolates are labelled SUCROSE-FREE because they contain dairy, which naturally contains a type of milk sugar called "Lactose". For this reason, by law, one cannot say they are SUGAR-FREE, but rather they are SUCROSE-FREE, which is our way of letting you know that NO SUGARS HAVE BEEN ADDED. Diabetics and those following a low-carb eating plan are permitted to have dairy (milk), so these are perfectly fine for Diabetics and Low-Carbers to enjoy!

Our 70% Dark chocolate variants (70% Dark with Mint Crunch and our 70% Dark with Sour Cherry Crunch) are labelled SUGAR-FREE as they contain no Dairy and no sugars have been added.


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