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29 Talisman Avenue Bedfordview, East Rand 2007

Chevonne Powell and Associates is clinical psychologist practice working with children, teens and adults. Our mission is to promote family development by facilitating growth through connected and loving relationships.


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Meet The Psychologists:

~ Chevonne Powell - I am a clinical psychologist registered with the HPCSA in private practice in Bedfordview. My office is located at the Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre. I graduated with a Masters degree (with distinction) from the University of Johannesburg, having completed my undergraduate degree and honours degree through the University of South Africa. My masterís thesis focused on the Clients Experience of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and is available to read on request.

In addition, I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and work experience as an educator. I am a registered Babies in Mind practitioner and I am certified with EAGALA for my work with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I am embarking on a two year infant observation course in order to expand my knowledge of psychological development and attachment in infants. Other than this, I regularly attend workshops and courses in order to grow as a person and psychologist.

My clinical experience includes:

A broad spectrum of clinical work with adults, adolescents, children and families in primary hospitals:

- Helen Joseph Hospital
- RahimaMoosa Mother and Child Hospital
- Far East Rand Hospital
- TARA Hospital
- Specialized eating disorder and adolescent wards
- iThemba Ė rape and trauma support
- Counselling and support for victims of violent crime
- South African Depression and Anxiety Group
- Support for a range of mental health problems as well as suicide prevention
- St Francis College and Melpark Primary School
- School assessments and counselling
- Nkosis Haven
- Counselling and support for single mothers and orphaned children
- SANCA Horizon Clinic
- Drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for adolescents

These experiences have exposed me to a wide variety of populations and difficulties and have taught me the necessary skills and approaches to facilitate personal growth, and emotional development with all members of the family system, in an environment that promotes feelings of safety and comfort.

~ Haley Swartz - I began my studies at the University of the Witwatersrand knowing that I wanted to major in psychology, but not sure which type of psychology I wanted to get into. This decision later inspired my masterís dissertation which focused on exploring career choice negotiation among Psychology Honours Students (through Discourse Analysis). After my psychology honours year, I went to complete my Psychometrics at the University of Johannesburg where I was able to be involved in both educational/career and corporate assessments. The educational side appealed more to me and I decided to get my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

I realized during my PGCE year that Educational Psychology would provide me with greater insight into how oneís development is affected by the various facets of life (such as oneís circumstances, psychological health, family, education, environment etc.). In my Educational Psychology masters year, I sought to gain more of a holistic and indepth understanding of the learner as well as the learnerís educational needs. A large portion of my experience dealt with loss, anxiety and depression cases during my internship year and I have continued working on those types of cases today in my professional capacity. As an educational psychologist my interests lie in learning and development. The field of learning and education applies to everyone and not only to students. Development, in this case, refers to the psychological changes of a personís perception, cognition (thoughts), language, skills, moral attitudes, and social relationships over oneís lifespan. My fields of interest are the following: learning difficulties, barriers to learning (such as ADHD), attachment, loss, anxiety and depression.

Over the years I have accumulated practical experience through a variety of institutions, including the likes of schools, NGOs, private practices and consultancies. During 2010 I worked as a temp Psychometrist at Omnicor, a company specializing in corporate psychometric assessments. In 2011 I focused on gaining educational experience through teaching. This position helped me better understand the modern day school environment. This led my career towards my passion of helping people with their developmental and educational needs. Following this, my career as an educational psychologist started with my internship at Epworth Childrenís village during 2013. At Epworth Childrenís Village I was part of a multidisciplinary team. I worked with at risk youth, and carried out various assessments (school readiness, subject choice and psychoeducational assessments). While being at Epworth, I was privileged to have been part of the assessment team at the Oprah Winfrey School of Achievement. Other than my exposure to individual therapy, group therapy and parental guidance, I have additionally helped out with the Epworth Childcare Staff training. After my internship year, I taught at Eden College as a Foundation Phase teacher and worked part time as an educational psychologist for Psych Assess.

The services offered include the following:

- training for professionals (such as staff development for educators)
- parental guidance
- individual therapy
- group therapy
- play therapy
- learning support

Assessments offered:

- IQ
- School Readiness
- Emotional
- Educational
- Concessions

~ Beverley Teixeira - My decision to become a Counselling Psychologist was influenced by my work at Headway Gauteng and the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). During my year at Headway Gauteng, I ran group and individual therapy sessions with persons who had suffered a traumatic brain injury (tbi). Additionally, I administered neurological assessments, under supervision, and offered support, via telephonic counselling, to family members who were affected by the changes experienced in their loved ones. Working at SADAG exposed the need for mental health services in South Africa. Here, I worked in the call centre supporting persons seeking help for themselves or a loved one.

I went on to complete my Masters degree at Rhodes University, where I worked in the Rhodes Psychology Clinic and participated in a community outreach project. At the Rhodes Psychology Clinic, I facilitated individual and play therapy as well as various psychological assessments. My community outreach project entailed working with a feeding program at a church in a local rural community. I provided a safe space for the women attending this feeding program to recount their life stories, in which I was an outside witness. This project focused on the building of existing strengths and positive ways of coping with daily challenges.

Following on from this I completed my internship at the Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD) at the University of Johannesburg. PsyCaD provided me with the opportunity to work with a variety of clients from different backgrounds. I supported children, couples, families, young adults and adults as they aimed to resolve past conflicts or deal with current struggles. I broadened my experience in administering a range of psychological assessments, including career, psycho-educational, psycho-legal, cognitive and emotional assessments. Furthermore, I engaged in psycho-education workshops, advisory and counselling sessions to provide information to empower individuals to make more informed decisions.

My aim as a counselling psychologist is to support individuals and couples with adjusting to life's challenges. I predominately use a psychodynamic and narrative approach to therapy. However, I believe in the uniqueness of individuals and, as such, treat each case on its individual merits. I'm excited to have the privilege to watch individuals reach their potential.

Therapeutic Experience:

- Individual psychotherapy and counselling with children, adolescents and adults
- Psychological assessments, such as psycho-educational, career, neurological, cognitive and emotional assessments
- Career advisory and counselling
- Psycho-legal assessments and report writing
- Community outreach work
- Couples, family and group therapy
- HIV/AIDS (pre and post-test) counselling
- Termination of pregnancy counselling
- Psycho-educational workshops
- Crisis and trauma counselling
- Telephonic counselling
- Academic presentations, writing and publication


- Health Professionals Council of South Africa
- Board of Health Care Providers

We use a range of counselling modalities to help people reach their true potential including talk psychotherapy, play therapy, parent infant psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. We are a registered Babies in Mind practitioner and I am registered with EAGALA for my work with EAP.

Therapy for children:

I offer play therapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for children between the ages of five and twelve. Children communicate in a different manner than adults, as they use non-verbal means to express themselves. For this reason, it is important that when dealing with children we enter their world at their level of communication. I integrate parental counselling with play therapy as I believe that it is vital that parents are supported and given the necessary skills and understanding to develop a better relationship with their children.

For the first session, I meet with the parents alone in order to gather a developmental history and more information on the presenting problem or concern. In the second session I meet with the child to gain an understanding of the childís emotional functioning. This information guides me in my recommendations for intervention.

Areas of therapy include:

- Adjustment
- Aggression
- Anxiety
- Attachment difficulties
- Bereavement
- Bladder or bowel control problems
- Body complaints (somatic concerns)
- Bullying
- Conduct/behavior problems
- Coping with divorce
- Depression
- Managing emotions
- Self Esteem
- Sleep problems
- Stress
- Trauma

Psychotherapy for Teens:

I offer talk therapy or Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17. Adolescence is a tumultuous time for both the teen and the family, with frequent dilemmas, conflicts and unexplained emotions.

Areas of therapy include:

- Adjustment
- Anxiety
- Behavior difficulties
- Bereavement
- Bullying
- Divorce
- Eating Disorders
- Emotional problems
- Growth or exploration
- Mood
- Phobias
- Relationship trouble
- Self-mutilation
- Suicidality
- Trauma
- Unexplained physical illness

Parent-Infant Psychotherapy:

PIP offers a space for parents to prepare and process the transition into parenthood and the emotions attached. Becoming a parent can be a challenging transition, as each parent has their own individual life history which influences their parenting style. The aim of PIP is twofold, firstly to grow the relationship between the parent/s and child, and secondly to improve the psychological well-being of everyone involved.

The first years of life play a vital role in our attachments and how we function in relationships in later years. Developing a relationship with your child starts from the moment you begin to imagine their conception. It is never too early to start developing this bond. Some parents feel ashamed of their struggles during the happy time of pregnancy, birth and early childhood. However, challenges are NORMAL and the best way to handle them is to be supported from early on. PIP is used by people planning to have children, expecting parents, new parents and parents with children under five. The session is conducted with the child and the parent in the room.

Parent Counseling:

Parenting can often become an overwhelming task. Parents are human beings and can at times struggle with the problems that their children face. An important aspect of helping children is parental counselling. Children do not function in isolation, they are part of a family system. Consequently, parents impact their children in both positive and negative ways. Therefore, by guiding parents to become better skilled, their children also benefit. Parental counselling can be conducted in conjunction with play therapy but can also be conducted as a stand-alone intervention.

Parent sessions help parents to:

* Use knowledge of the brain to inform their discipline techniques as well as increase mental functioning
* Understand their childrenís behaviour and misbehavior
* Improve their relationship with their children
* Communicate
* Use discipline that works


29 Talisman Avenue
South Africa

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