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cnr Park and Link dr Parklands, West Coast 7441

Colleen is a clinical psychologist based in Table View/Parklands in Cape Town. She has extensive experience in psychotherapy and psychological assessment with children, adolescents and adults.


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She also provides couples therapy as well as family therapy and mediation. Colleen speaks fluent English and Afrikaans and therefore provides psychological services to a wide range of clients. Everyday problems, such as work stress, relationship troubles and coping with illness, can seriously affect your life. Addressing these concerns is vital to enjoying life and maintaining good relationships.


* Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy can enable an individual to improve well-being, resolve a crisis, explore a problem, and reduce or overcome troubling thoughts, beliefs, emotions or behaviours. This leads to improved relationships, improved sense of well-being, increased self awareness, increased sense of mastery and the development of interpersonal skills and coping mechanisms.

*Psychological Assessment - Assessments are carried out to understand underlying causes of problems at school, work or in relationships. They help to guide intervention appropriately. E.g. if a child is having difficulty at school it is important to clarify if this is due to emotional difficulties (anxiety), learning difficulties (dyslexia), or attentional difficulties (ADHD) among others.

*Neuropsychological Assessment - This entails a specialized assessment of individuals who have suffered illness or injury to the brain. E.g. Stroke, dementia, brain tumour, traumatic brain injury, and memory difficulties of unknown origin. Neurocognitive problems may have an impact on interpersonal relationships, ability to carry out activities of daily living, ability to work, and make decisions about finances, etc.

*Medico-Legal Assessment - Medico-legal assessments are an intersection between psychology and the justice system. It involves understanding aspects of family law, developmental psychology, psychopathology and family dynamics in order to be able to provide important information to judges, attorneys, legal professionals and parents.

Colleen draws eclectically from a range of therapeutic modalities in order to suit the unique needs of each individual. Through psychotherapy, she facilitates skillsí growth and personal awareness in adults, to manage and fulfil challenges more effectively in their work, marriage and family environments. Through play therapy, she facilitates a way for children to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process.

Colleen also has considerable experience in psychological assessment including neuropsychological, medico-legal, educational and career guidance services to adults, adolescents and children. Colleen believes that through psychological assessment individuals and parents are enabled to make informed decisions in directing future life-choices.


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Colleen Law - Clinical Psychologist

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