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It is our commitment and dedication to manufacture and produce quality kaleidoscopes, using colour crystals, recycled materials etc. Kaleidoscopes are more than just toys and its our intention to share these colour filled gifts with the world.


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These optical instruments produce endless fascinating patterns based on the scientific principle of refelcted light symmetry and are best known as toys from the executives as Corporate gifts all the way through to mind focusing tools for learners and school children to help children study by focusing the brain through the use of vibrations of light.

Gemstone and Crystal Kaleidoscopes

Gemstone and Crystal Kaleidoscopes are our specialty. Dynamic images that are like fireworks at your fingertips!

Our most popular kaleidoscopes design, unique to our handcrafting technique overtime has ensured that, in a liquid gel, the image magnifies anything within the viewing chamber with endless gem stone designs slowly drifting through our crystal wands with added glitter stars, bits of rare treasure that transports you to a geometric inner garden, a place that's beautiful to look at, we call, The Galactic Light Liquid Motion Kaleidoscope.

The Garden Kaleidoscope

The Garden Kaleidoscope stands on a pivot wooden base that can be mounted into the floor easily. The scope itself is made of a water resistant material and sealed with mosaic finish and varnished for added water resistance. The mirror chamber can be directed towards the garden or toward the glass ball that is suspended in a rotatable stainless steel engineered holder that allows for both vertical and horizontal movement by simply spinning the ball with your hand. We tailor each Garden Scope according to your colour preferences.

The Teleidscope

This mirrored prism, also known as the 'Teleidscope' used by Persian rug designers and alike to inspire patterns mkaes a wonderful Corporate gift. You can look at anything up close creating fun dynamic patterns out of mundane everyday objects. Turns your world into a kaleidoscope of patterns creating endless hours of fun.

We also offer school shows:

Pre Primary School Children Happy Kaleidoscope Colour Activity.

Are you looking for an activity for your pre schoolers? We got just the thing! All Children love colour, especially when you can play in colour as an interactive activity. Let us bring our light experience to your school to see just how much fun they actually are.



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