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2 Russel Rd Bryanston Bryanston, Greater Johannesburg

Our vision is to provide a happy, secure and loving environment with dedicated teachers who facilitate the holistic development of each child (physical, social, cognitive and emotional).


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Welcome to Paint Pots Playschool.

Paint Pots is a home from home for your child where the emphasis is on your child learning to socialise and having fun in a warm loving environment as an introduction to school.

The morning routine includes play time, circle time and creative art time, and a biweekly theme is introduced to stimulate your child. Baking and messy play are done weekly.

The school should be considered an extension of your home. If at any time there are any problems in the home or with your child (change in nanny, Dad away, sibling rivalry), please let us know so that we can work on it with you.

School hours are from 8:00 to 12:00. Children can be dropped off between 8:00 and 8:30. An aftercare facility is available till 1:30pm. We follow private school terms, holidays and half terms.

We offer 2 optional extramural activities: Monkeynastix and Be Sharp Beetles music programme. This is held once a week during the course of the morning in small groups.
We supply a snack at 10:00 (healthy sandwiches, fruit and raisins).

Discovery Junction Preschool in Petervale

Daily and Weekly routine

Children can be dropped off from 7:30am. Please ensure your child is at school by 8:00am so as to minimise disruptions during their circle time.
The school day starts with perceptual activities followed by a circle time.
We follow a weekly theme, which is the focus of the group discussions and creative activities.
We also have a weekly “grace and courtesy” theme which we discuss with the children.
Once a week your child will participate in the “Mind and Movement” programme for 45 minutes (which is a specialised, holistic programme that assists children in their whole development - concentrating on the cognitive, emotional, social and physical aspects of your child’s development); and the “Kids in Action” for half an hour(which is a gross motor / ball skills programme). These two development programmes are further integrated into the classroom where the teacher practices a specific exercise for the week.
Baking and bakerman are done on alternate Fridays.
Once a week the school gathers together and we award one child from each class an “I’m Special” certificate for a kind act or good deed that they have done during that week.
Library day is Thursday where the children get to choose a book to take home for the week. (Grade 000 and Grade 00)
The Grade 00 classes have a Puzzles and Games morning on a Tuesday.
At 12:00 the children get served a hot lunch. School ends at 12:15. If they are not staying for aftercare they need to be collected by 12:30 unless they are participating in an extra mural activity. Extra mural activities take place from 12:30 to 13:00.
Aftercare children must be collected by 14:30.

Your child will receive two written progress reports during the year and a parent/teacher feedback session will be arranged in the first term.

School outings and entertainment

Once per term we organise an outing. These are educational and fun for the children. Parents will be notified of the nature and date of the outings and any help with transport would be appreciated. Throughout the year we have various educational shows at school for the children’s entertainment.

Birthday ring

A special birthday ring is arranged for your child’s birthday, which you may attend if you wish. Please bring a few photos of your child at birth, 1 year old, 2 years old etc and a small cake or cupcakes for the children in the class. No party packs please. You can arrange a suitable time and date with your teacher. A birthday book donated by your child to the school will be greatly appreciated.

Collection from school

On the enrolment form, you are required to fill in a section with the names of the adults who are allowed to collect your child from school. Please advise the teacher if anyone else will be collecting your child as we will not allow him/her to go home with someone not specified on the list.


Please ensure that there is always a spare set of clothing in your child’s bag. We encourage the children to participate in all activities, even the messy ones, so please make sure they wear comfortable and appropriate clothing that is labelled. The wearing of hats outside is compulsory in summer. Sunscreen is available at school should you need. School hats and t-shirts may be purchased at the Orientation Day.


Sandwiches and fruit/raisins are provided as a mid-morning snack. A hot healthy lunch is served at school at 12:00. Another snack is provided mid-afternoon for those children in aftercare. A bi-weekly menu will be on display on the outside notice board.

Fundraising events

During the year we have a couple of fundraising events and we really appreciate the parent’s support in helping to organise them. If you would like to be a class mom or help with library duty or puzzles and games, please talk to your teacher or the principal.

Auditory and Visual screening

Included in the fees are annual auditory and visual screenings for all the children over 3 years old. If you do not want your child to be screened, please inform your teacher beforehand. You will be advised of the dates during the year.

Hours of work

Mon - Fri 8:00 - 12:00



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Discovery Junction Preschool and Paint Pots Play School

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