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54 Clinton Road, New Redruth Alberton, East Rand 1449

Registered specialist in Orthodontics and also member of the South African Society of Orthodontics and the World Federation of Orthodontics


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* Early Treatment
An evaluation at age 7 is recommended, especially if the problems are obvious or there is a family history of orthodontics treatment. Not many children need orthodontic treatment at this early age but in some cases we treat with partial fixed appliances (braces) or a removable plate, which can be an active plate aligning teeth or a functional plate to manipulate the growth of the jaws or stop habits like thumb sucking.

* Teen Treatments
Full Fixed orthodontic appliances, normally referred to as BRACES will align all the permanent teeth and can be of the:

1. Stainless steel variety where you can choose different colours on the brackets.
2. A clear/tooth coloured type appliance with clear elastics.
3. Invisible/lingual/inside braces that are placed on the inside of the upper teeth so one can hardly notice that you are getting orthodontic treatment.
Headgear, facemasks/frames and expander appliances are also sometimes used in addition to the braces.

* Adult Treatment
Never too old, and you will not be sorry that you made the effort. Many smiles can be improved regardless of age. If possible and if preferred we recommend the clear or invisible inside kind of braces for adults.

* Botox Treatments
Gummy smiles can often be improved with a simple botox injection method. The Smile line can be improved by up to 5mm. In addition some patients also visit us to soften frowning lines etc.



54 Clinton Road, New Redruth, Johannesburg

Craighall Park:
16 Rutland Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg

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Dr Antoinette Ackerman - Dentist

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