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Since 1990 Dr Annette Martins & Associates have helped clients worldwide to identify their innate potential - what they’re genetically “hard wired” to excel at - and empowered them to tap into their personal success potential.


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Our highly trained and passionate network of Edu-Profilogists® in South Africa uses well-established methods to determine where a client may need to make adaptations to their subconscious preferences at school, in professional or personal relationships, or at work to perform at their personal peak.

By comparing a client’s genetic preferences against the requirements of their current life situation the Edu-Profilogist® is able to provide customised guidance and advice relating to each individual’s unique needs and life stage.

Almost without exception, our clients have told us what a difference we have made in their lives.

Our assessments give you the information you need to understand and distinguish between your learned behaviour and the strengths and talents that you are born with; a unique service and a far cry from the “snapshot” results provided by the many personality profiles available.

Services for the whole family

*Genetic Brain Profiling
*Career Guidance
*Subject Choices
*School Readness
*Couples Workshops
*Study Skills
*Time Management Course
*Assertiveness Training
*Lateral Thinking Course
*Corporate Services


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A life changing consultation

Melissa Robinson from Bloemfontein - 01/04/2017 10:56:58

I learned so much about myself and my son during the consultation and it has changed our lives! We don't argue as much anymore and his marks have improved since we started implementing the advice she gave us. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

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