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Franchisees in most major centers of South Africa, Gauteng, South Africa


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ActionBall South Africa is a movement development program aimed at developing muscle tone and physical development in young children but with the emphasis on having fun.

We offer you the opportunity to purchase a sub-franchise, to work with children between the ages of 2 and 10 years and own your own business. You decide how many hours a week you need to put in to your business to make it profitable, affordable and flexible to suit your needs.

We are a well-established company and internationally recognised. We are now offering sub-franchisees in South Africa. Click here for more info.

Today’s children spend far too much time watching T.V, playing with computers and do not spend enough time outside playing and doing physical activities such as running, hopping and skipping. Therefore their gross motor skills are not fully developed, posture is poor, language and descriptive skills are often under-developed and social skills are lacking.

ActionBall offers a movement development program that has been accepted into pre-schools by teachers and principals as they recognize the need for this type of activity. ActionBall is unique as it offers a holistic program that takes care of all the child’s developmental needs.

At an affordable rate to the parents of R140 per month, for a half an hour lesson per week, the children are instructed in groups of no more than 12.

Cost of the Sub-franchise:

R6 500.00, which includes training, manuals and start up kit.

Royalties payable are R1120 per month per licence holder for eleven months of the year. This is equal to your first 8 children.

Return on investment:

50 children @ R140.00 per month = R7 000.00. This is equal to 2½ hours per week. This means that your business is paid for within 1 month.

The average sub-franchise instructor has between 60 (R8 400) and 150 (R21 000) children to teach and the exception has 250 children and still only works 5 mornings per week.



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Franchisees in most major centers of South Africa, Gauteng, South Africa

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