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Baby-Vac is the most effective device that removes the infected nasal secretions of babies and children, quickly and easily. Baby-Vac can be purchased from Dis-Chem stores, several pharmacies and physiotherapists nationwide.

Recommended from 0 to 6+ years of age or until the children can blow their nose by themselves thoroughly.

This very unique and original Hungarian apparatus was invented and is specially designed to remove the nasal secretions of babies & infants. This is the first and most effective device to allow mothers to perform nasal suction/aspiration at home.

The Baby-Vac is easy to operate by simply using a common household vacuum cleaner/hoover by inserting the attachment hose into the vacuum cleaner adapter (at the end of the vacuum cleaner pipe).


Because this the only appliance which is in almost each and every household and can provide a consistent and controlled suction. The apparatus sucks with the help of the vacuum cleaner, but not with its full strength. It automatically adjusts itself and reduces the air suction power, therefore the vacuum cleaner makes it possible to suck continuously and the secretion can be removed from all parts of the nasal cavity.


A runny nose is very common for a baby or toddler. Keeping an infant or small child’s nasal cavity clear is a challenge every parent will face.

An infant only learns to breathe through the mouth at around 6 weeks old, so even a little sniffle will hinder breathing and cause great discomfort.

A small child is not able to blow his/her nose until around 4-6 years of age.

Mucus build up may lead to more serious health problems concerning the ear, nose, throat and the inferior respiratory tracts. Viral infections, bacteria such as staphylococcal and strep throat (which is an infection caused by the streptococcus bacteria) often need to be treated with antibiotic medication.

The Baby-Vac Nasal Aspirator is a great solution for this and will help to keep the nasal cavity clean.

Naturally, a check-up by a health professional is not replaceable. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of a nasal secretion. The removal of secretion from the nasal cavities improve breathing and general well-being.


• Convenient and can be used at any time, whenever necessary.
• The Bay-Vac complements physiotherapy treatment because it helps to keep the nasal cavity clean before or after the treatment.
Clinically tested and approved.
• Paediatricians and ENT specialists recommend it from 0 to 6 years of age, until the child learns to blow their nose properly.
Effective, yet gentle.
Safely, quickly and painlessly clears the nose.
No side-effects.
• The child immediately feels relieved as his/her breathing improves.
• It helps prevent respiratory tract related diseases which may lead to more serious health problems.
Accelerates recovery.
Easy to handle and durable.
• Easy to clean.
• The transparent tubing allows you to monitor the amount and consistency of the extracted secretions, so you can easily observe the healing process.
• The device also helps the agents of medically prescribed nasal drops to be better absorbed through the cleaned mucous membrane.
Affordable - 1 unit per family. There are two evacuators in the box.




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