Casa Bambini Baby House and Pre-School

242 Lancia Street, Pretoria 0040, Gauteng, Pretoria, South Africa


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Casa Bambini Baby House and Pre School is a full time day care facility situated in Pretoria East which follows the Montessori Method of education.

Based on the world renowned Montessori Method of education Casa Bambini Baby House and Pre- school offers a safe and peaceful environment equipped to lead the child to independence and facilitate in holistic development.

Providing individualized, hands on learning experiences in an environment prepared to meet the developmental needs of children ages 3 months to 5 years. The school seeks to educate the whole child through a holistic approach that is directed by the child and guided by the teacher.

Our Montessori - based approach leads our children to independence, fosters a healthy self-image and aids in holistic development. Our peaceful atmosphere allows the child to be totally absorbed in his work. Each area of the classroom is carefully prepared taking in to account each child’s individual needs and developmental levels. There are plenty of exercises focusing on different developmental areas such as gross motor skills/ movement, fine motor skills, language development, early mathematics and sensory development. The children are free to choose what they would like to work with and are encouraged to explore all areas of the environment.

Each child is treated with respect and understanding in a loving and nurturing environment.


"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.". Maria Montessori


Our baby class accommodates babies aged 3 months to 12 months. This environment encourages babies to explore their senses through various objects and messy play. It supports visual and auditory development with tummy time, colourful books, nursery rhymes and play gyms. There is also plenty of room for gross motor activity and babies learn about cause and effect and build gross motor strength through play with rollers, ramps, slides and climbers.


Our toddler class accommodates toddlers aged 12 to 24 months. In this environment toddlers figure out how the world works and become competent problem solvers through exercises that uncover patterns and sequences as well as puzzles and object manipulation. The main areas we focus on are Sensory play, Speech and Vocabulary, Creative Art, Music and Movement, Large and Fine Motor Skills as well as Daily Life Skills.


Our Pre-school class accommodates ages 24 months to 5 years. In this environment pre-schoolers refine their senses, independence and concentration. The main areas we focus on are Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Practical life skills, Large and Fine motor skills, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Music and Art.


We realise that Grade R is a crucial year for laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

This is why we follow a unique Grade R programme using the Impaq learning system combined with a Montessori based method of education.

Created with the holistic development of young learners in mind, the Grade R Impaq programme is aimed at equipping our learners with a broad range of skills and abilities, while the CAPS aligned curriculum integrates the three core learning areas – Home Language, Mathematics and Life Skills – to ensure school readiness.

Take note: Grade R has no formal assessment, however progress is monitored.


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242 Lancia Street, Pretoria 0040, Gauteng, Pretoria, South Africa

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