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Clinical Psychologist Lauren Snailham & Delyce Knowles have created therapeutic tools and educational products to teach and empower children to identify and express their emotions. Products available online.

Children often find it difficult to identify and express their emotions so when they experience uncomfortable feelings they tend to act out or internalise them. Not knowing how to express their emotions appropriately can lead to consequences such as: bullying, aggression, hyperactivity, learning problems, soiling, bed-wetting, anxiety, obsessions, sleep problems, nightmares, eating problems, withdrawal and depression.

Child Therapy Toolbox provides tools that can be used to by therapists, teachers and parents to educate, empower and help children begin to heal.

The products have all been tried and tested in therapy, in the classroom and by parents. Individually and in group settings.

Products include:

therapeutic story books, charts, games, puppets, puzzles and much more. All created to help children identify emotions, learn appropriate ways of expressing them and to address some difficult issues they may be facing in a non-threatening and playful way.

We also run workshops for parents and educators on a variety of relevant topics.

Please see www.therapeuticstories for more information and to view our products.


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