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Diplomat Montessori Daycare is a Christian School. We are the place where your children will discover their talents, develop good character and respect. Our aim is to build their confidence, self-esteem & life skill.


Diplomat Montessori Daycare is a Christian school under the hospices of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Ambassadors. The school was established on the 17th of March 2013. It is a place where your children will discover their talents, develop good characters and respect. We aim to guide your child to gain an understanding of the world he/she lives in while developing independence at his/her own individual pace. Our montessori approach gives the child freedom to choose, it build’s the confidence self esteem and life skill. We also provide a pleasant environment, materials carefully designed to meet the child’s need.


Our school is situated in a very secure environment with a large, safe play area to stimulate our pupils mind and keep their body active. Our classrooms are specially designed to cater for the individual academic need of our students with lots of space to create a healthy, serene safe and child friendly environment. Every space in our facility is designed with our students in mind.


At Diplomat Montessori Daycare we teach our children using the Montessori teaching approach that includes:

Practical Life

Activities helps to develop the child's sense of order, through the organization of the materials used in the work environment. This skill becomes important to successful conduct Sensorial activity and later Math's activity.


Helps to stimulate the child's senses, the activities consists set of colorful objects of high quality. Such as taste or color, they are designed to develop order, broaden and refine perception; these activities build up from simple to complex challenges


The main purpose of language is to communicate; it is to let others know what we are thinking, Montessori language activities helps the child to speak with meaning it helps the child to cultivate  writing and reading.


This activity is divided into five groups which include fraction activities they are numbers, decimal system, tens teens and counting, arithmetic tables and abstraction. Mathematics in montessori starts from concrete to abstract.

Cultural Studies Botany & Zoology

Helps children to appreciate the universe and the lives in it, hence it is referred to as a "cosmic education". The children will understand the changes in physical conditions, such as climate, terrain and soil composition.

Science & History

Our children will be involved in experiments and they will learn through involvement. Science enables a child to gain confidence as the world around them becomes more ordered and understandable.

Art & Music

Our children will paint as well as do other art such as cutting and painting. They will also be thought music, dance and other forms of art to help develop their creativity.


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6 Rocks Road, Bordeaux, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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