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At Hannaford Homeschool and Tutor Centre situated in Linden Johannesburg, learning is fun, stimulating and interesting! Providing unique learning methods in a comfortable homeschooling environment.


* Aftercare with Healthy Lunch
Homework Centre
Academix Program
Swimming Activities
Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym

Hanna is wearing a super-hero cape, which represents how Hannaford empowers her and her individualism to be a super version of herself.

Hannaford is a space for kids who need to learn in a way that suit them best. In this space we cultivate the heart of learning. We are a home school centre assisting kids who need a different environment and a different approach. We do this for one simple reason, WE ARE ALL UNIQUE!

We do not all render to the same system of learning. We focus on the spirit of our children. At our centre we equip our kids with all the necessary tools to function at an optimal level.

Please note that we teach in English and Afrikaans. We cater for children from grade 1 to 7.


We teach, inspire and motivate our students through movement, communication and nutrition.

We believe in movement

” Movement, especially if it’s cross lateral (across the midline of the body) and done slowly and consciously, mechanically activates the whole brain thus overriding the limited brain function of the survival reaction.” By Carla Hannaford PhD.

Learning is “ The input of information from our environment via the senses into our brain-body system; the assimilation (putting together), organizing and integrating that information with what we already know; and responding to that information through a motor response.” Paul Dennison. There are many senses and reflexes that must be in place to learn effectively. Movement is an educational investment and will be taught in addition to the curriculum.

It is a stress free child that can live up to her/his potential. Movement create networks to all the areas of the brain.

We believe in nutrition and hydration

Nutrition and Hydration Boost Learning.  Within the student’s brain, a biochemical process of learning is occurring, that parallels the classroom experience. Making connections, finding meaning, and solving problems are learning tasks that require lightning-fast electrical impulses between areas of the brain.

We are an electrical unit. Neurons are electrically charged in the same way as a car battery is electrically charged. What happens when you forget to fill the car battery? It goes flat. In the same way, neurons require water to maintain polarity in the nerve cell. Every cell in the body has polarity and every cell needs water.

Water activates the breakdown of salts in our system to form electrolytes, particles that give us natural body electricity. The way we think is electrical. The brain is constantly generating electricity. In order to function properly, there has to be a proper level of electrical activity across the membrane of the nerve cell. Only with proper amounts of water do we get that.

We believe in communication

In order to teach and communicate with your child successfully we need to have an understanding of what the child needs to prosper. Most importantly how do they prefer to learn. In order to understand how your child is processing information we need to establish what the dominant pattern of learning is by compiling a comprehensive brain and sensory MAP. The dominant pattern presents a static pattern that suppresses the rest of the system.

By honoring the whole person on all levels i.e. physical, emotional, mentally and spiritually we produce curious, flexible and motivated learners for life.

Do you want to enroll your child, but need additional information? We will gladly assist with any questions you might have.


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133 7th Street, Linden 2195, Gauteng, South Africa

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