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45 Susman Avenue, Blairgowrie, Gauteng, South Africa


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L.U.C.C.A Special Needs School recognises that each child is an individual. We aim to create a safe, caring and respectful multicultural environment for all our learners with challenges.


Catering for the Education, Vocational and Mobility needs of Downs Syndrome, Undiagnosed Syndromes, C.P, Blind, Visual & Hearing Impairment, Neurological delays, Autism, Premature Babies, Sensory Integration difficulties, Developmental delays, Physical disabilities and any multiple disabilities from birth to 21 years. Qualified paramedic assistant on site. Only 8 children in a class with a qualified B ED teacher and assistant.

Individualised Educational Programmes catering for each child’s needs.

GDE Registration in Process
Differentiated CAPS Classes
SANASE Vocational Programs
ECD Classes
FUNctional Mobility Classes
Braille Tutoring

On line communication software for parents to monitor their child’s daily progress, teacher comments, pictures and videos. All day camera monitoring and recording of all the classrooms and playgrounds in the school. On site Therapy Team. An integrated team of parents, teachers and therapists.

Specialised educators join the LUCCA team to be able to support blind or partially sighted learners.


We are in desperate NEED of your help!!! We are officially live with the ‘LUCCA - See the ABLE not the LABEL‘ Campaign.  

The LUCCA Special Needs Children Foundation’s (NPC) immediate goal is to take on the responsibility to raise funds for school fees, for as many families as possible, that were negatively affected by COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown, to return their children to LUCCA Support and Care Centre. The number of families in dire need keeps rising and they need YOUR assistance. 

For more information and to see how you can help please click here


Mission Statement

Our objective is to foster a desire to learn, to boost self- confidence and to nurture the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child that can best develop the skills and character necessary, to enhance themselves and their communities to achieve success for the future.

Our Story

Founded by a mother of a special needs child, L.U.C.C.A Support & Care Centre opened its doors in May 2014. After being exposed to numerous Centres and Facilities over the past 6 years, trying to find the “right” place for my son Lucca, has been challenging. We have encountered so many wonderful people over the past years whom have had a huge impact on Lucca’s progress but as a mother of a special needs child there has always been that “something” that has been missing. I have spent many years doing research on the approach, learning methods, therapy intervention and communication methods available for our children BUT what I realised is that we as parents of special needs children seem to expend great efforts on trying to find out how we treat the brain or the body of our children with disabilities that we sometimes lose sight of their hearts and minds.

Would it not be wonderful to know as a parent of a special needs child, that your child’s heart comes first before anything else.

Children with disabilities are children first; the care and love they need is exactly the same as the care typically developing children need.


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45 Susman Avenue, Blairgowrie, Gauteng, South Africa

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