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Northmead Educational Centre in Benoni develops dynamic pathways that improve school results. We can remediate or prevent academic problems in all Grades.

Northmead Educational Centre was founded in 1982 and has 37 years of experience behind its name. We can assist struggling students or accelerate progress in mediocre and strong students with extra lessons in most subjects in Grades 1 – 12.

Northmead Educational Centre offers extra lessons, study skills and support to students Grades 1 to 12.

Learners underachieve for a variety of reasons. Finding the solution to the difficulties that a child experiences is the reason why Northmead Educational Centre exists. At the first session, a learner will be thoroughly assessed, and any underlying challenges will be identified. Ongoing observations are conducted at every session to monitor progress and feedback is given to parents to keep them up-to-date with the programme.


Individualized Assistance:

NEC has for 37 years prided ourselves on our individualized approach.  We will never take more than THREE students in any given session.  Each student is given a customized programme based on an initial assessment.  Our approach is to meet each child’s particular need.  We believe in the uniqueness of every individual and respect their different types of learning styles and levels of understanding.  We work both on the underlying problem that is causing a deficit in progress and with whatever syllabus the student is currently doing. Our proven track record of success justifies that this approach is one that works!!

“If a child cannot learn the way they are taught, they must be taught the way they can learn”


One-on-one tutoring is also available at the Centre for learners who request this type of intervention. At times, we may suggest this if a learner has a serious and debilitating challenge relating to concentration. Parents may also request a one-on-one tutoring session if they feel that this will be in their child’s best interest. We respect parental opinions – after all, a mother or father knows the child better than anyone else.

Some learners require the total and undivided attention of the tutor for the full hour due to a variety of challenges such as emotional difficulties, serious gaps which require intense interaction with a tutor or an inability to switch off the distraction.

High Achievers:

Some students are coping but want to progress to a higher level.  Looking for distinctions or specific entry into tertiary studies – then our highly qualified and experienced tutors can assist. Worried whether your child will maintain his/her good marks in a higher grade??  The answer is to start early at the beginning of the year with the correct skilled support system that we can offer.  Our tutors are all equipped to accelerate improvement and challenge students to make the most of their potential. We have had no less than four Olympic champions who studied with us while training for their desired sports and maintaining good marks at the same time.


Study Program :

A short-term programme that will transform the way you think about studying. Using whole-brain learning, students are encouraged to use visualisation techniques and are taught a thorough approach to revising work. Most students make the error of believing that they can remember their work without ensuring that is in their long-term memory.

A fun approach to studying includes the incorporation of colour, pictures, and music. This ensures that you will be fully prepared regardless of whether you are answering paragraphs, essays or multiple-choice questions.

Different students utilise different methods of learning. Therefore, if a student cannot respond to a mind mapping technique, then a more analytical approach will be introduced.


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Northmead Educational Centre is here to assist you, so please contact us should you require any further information about our Centre, or to make an appointment.


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