Nursery School of the Arts

6 7th Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa


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Welcome to Nursery School of the Arts, where talent is natural and excellence is a choice. ‘Nursery School of the Arts’ is a popular registered nursery school situated in Edenvale.

Founded in 2012 by three qualified teachers who are passionate in creating a well-rounded foundation for children in the pre-primary phase. Combined they bring over 60 years’ experience in Early Childhood Development. In just a short time the nursery school has welcomed children from around the world and parents from all walks of life.

Our skilled staff understands that every child is unique, and we believe in educating children in a nurturing environment. ‘Nursery School of the Arts’ offers an opportunity to establish a strong foundation for learning that will be beneficial for your child in their future schooling career.

Our Philosophy

We believe in teaching through ways that speak to your child's passionate and playful spirit. We have created a balance of Education & Cultural Arts promoting ‘Whole Brain Development’.


Your child's development is most sensitive to nutrition from mid-gestation to 2 years of age. In these earliest years of his/her life, high-quality nutrition is especially crucial for growth and development.

The Arts

Talent discovered at an early age and nurtured throughout their school career can create a strong foundation for a child in a world that is continuously changing.

Our Activities

Part of our weekly routine and inclusive of the school fees, all the children participate in classes that stimulate their talents, creative skills and wellbeing.


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