Hanging Box for Wall or Bed, Solid Wood

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Hanging Box for Wall or Bed, Solid Wood – White by Lifetime Kidsrooms

Add some built in storage to your bed, with this clever hanging box. Ideal for higher beds where a bedside table might be out of easy reach. This box is divided in 3 compartments, so there is a place for books, an ipad or a glass of water. And if that doesn’t suit, then why not put your walls to work and hang it up to create some extra storage space above a desk or anywhere else for that matter? Comes ready assembled. Made from high quality solid pine wood without knots. The wood comes from sustainable forestry in Sweden. The climatic conditions experienced here, result in a slow growing pine of superior quality. Finished with a white lacquer that is water based. This results in a hard-wearing, resistant, easy to clean, bright white surface that will stay smooth for many years.

Measures:  70cmL x 15cmH x 15cmD. Lifetime Kidsrooms is exclusive to NEST in South Africa.

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