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Buy the Robi Comb Lice Zapping comb and get a Comb and lice kit free.

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Product Features

Detects & kills lice on contact.

Coated lice comb tips protect the scalp.

Operates with one standard AA battery.


Safe for kids & contains no chemicals.

No odor & no mess to clean up.

RobiComb is reusable – one device treats the entire family.


The RobiComb is not intended for use as a standard lice comb: You don’t have to comb the long or curly hair all the way – all you need to do with Robicomb is to “comb” the scalp because that is where lice/nit stays.

The RobiComb is designed to detect and kill lice and eggs on contact – versus a standard lice comb, which is designed to remove live lice and nits. After killing lice and eggs with the RobiComb, a fine-toothed lice comb may still be required to remove all traces of dead lice and nits.

Please see the below tips regarding how the RobiComb works to eliminate a lice infestation:

When the RobiComb comes in contact with a live louse (or anything large enough to break the connection between the teeth such as hair-product build-up or dandruff), it will stop buzzing momentarily. When it comes in contact with a live louse, it disables the louse in one of three ways:

A direct hit to the head will kill on contact (rare)

It causes a hole in the lice’s shell. It will become dehydrated and die within a few hours.

It damages/pulls off the lice’s legs. It will become dehydrated and die within a few hours.

Thus it is entirely possible to see them still move after they have been zapped. Once they have been disabled, they can’t lay anymore eggs and will die in a few hours without reproducing. I recommend that you comb through the hair over a towel or sink to get out anything that has been zapped, but not caught between the teeth.

The RobiComb is designed to be used daily for a minimum of two weeks so that you will get everything that hatches on a daily basis, this does include newly hatched, tiny lice, and go through the entire life-cycle of the lice. When the lice are newly-hatched, it takes several days for them to mature enough to start laying their own eggs – the RobiComb breaks the cycle by eliminating them daily before they mature to the point of laying their own eggs.

Additionally, make sure you store your RobiComb in a dry, cool area. Humidity either from the warm weather outside, or in a bathroom can also cause damage to the RobiComb.

How to Use the RobiComb

Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to use the RobiComb Lice Zapping Comb.



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