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Peek-a-Moo is an online store specializing in Breast feeding cami's, vests, tees, long sleeved tops and dresses! Peek-a-Moo tops give you and baby the best possible start to breastfeeding.

We make garments that are functional, look good and embrace all the complexities of the public boob extraction, all, so you and baby can share the special moments that moms and babes were meant to!

Peek-a-moo offers breast feeding moms a stylish, fun, cost effective product that enables easy feeding when at home or on the go. The tops have a really easy to use flap that minimises skin exposure which is great for those cold winter days.

All our creations are made from the highest quality 180g cotton/Lycra and come in a variety of fun colours.

How do I know what size to choose?

Our general rule of thumb that works 99.9999999% of the time is 'choose your pre-pregnancy size'...we know this is hard to believe but we work on your frame size and not the size of your udders full of milk! We have allowed for this with our awesome fabric that is 92% cotton and 8% can be stretched to several times its original size but retains its shape.....

Small = Size 32/8
Medium = Size 34/10
Large = Size 36/12
XLarge = Size 38/14
XXLarge = Size 40/16

If, however, you order and are unhappy with the size you chose we will happily exchange it for another size.


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