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1 Judith Road, Emmarentia 2195, Gauteng, South Africa
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Teddy Bears Montessori offers classes and extramural activities for toddlers and children aged up to 6 years old in Emmarentia.

Interactive. Fun. Educational.

Teddy Bears Montessori has a responsibility to your children: to develop your little ones into confident learners with good values, and independent thinkers who have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. We can successfully achieve this through the participation and assistance of parents and colleagues. Together, we are committed to ensuring your child’s learning is powerful and purposeful.

Take the next step and ensure your child develops into the best version of themselves.

Activities are designed for children to be able to broaden their knowledge, build understanding, improve learning processes and skills, and explore new interests in a culture of curiosity.

Class Arrangement at Teddy Bears Montessori

At Teddy Bears Montessori we have two fully-equipped classrooms for children aged 3 – 6 years.

* Four teachers = Four groups of children
Four different subject areas = Weekly rotation

The teacher and subject setup has been carefully organised so that we achieve an improved:

* Focus on teaching per subject, and
Record keeping for report writing and parent meetings

We have a computerised record keeping system to help staff members and management clearly recognise and tackle any gaps in the system. It also encourages and motivates staff members to teach new activities, which play a role in better planning for the year.

Teddy Bears Montessori also has one Toddler/Orange and Purple Group Class:

* One teacher = One group

We have structured our toddler class such in a manner that helps us achieve:

* An improved and focused care, interaction and attention to toddlers, and
Daily written communication between parents and caregivers for toddlers

Kindly note that there is limited space available for our toddler/blue group class.

Extramural Activities at Teddy Bears Montessori

The following extramural activities are available at an additional fee:

* Buzzi Bodies
When: Fridays

* Yoga
When: Mondays

* Upbeat Music Programme by da Carpo Music school
When: Wednesdays

* Mind Moves & Brain Gym
When: Thursdays

Montessori Method of Teaching

What Are Your Children Taught at Teddy Bears Montessori?

Montessori is a hands-on method of teaching based on self-directed activities that allow children to learn through play. Children are given the freedom to make creative choices while acquiring education and learning new concepts. 

The Montessori method has been tried and tested successfully for over 100 years...


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  • Parent Review


    Preshanie & her team know what they are doing. My son is not an easy child but off all the schools near me I knew from the time I had him that the only school for would be here at Teddy Bears Montessori with Preshanie & her team. And they have not failed my expectations even on days when I felt like giving up Preshanie reassured me all will be ok and that it is not as bad as I feel. And here is my boy who is now 5 years old outspoken, smiling to come to school. I cannot thank you guys enough. Just like with my daughter years you guys worked miracles that she was promoted from Grade 1 to Grade 2! All thanks to Teddy Bears Montessori! I cannot go into a meeting without worrying to check my phone or even carry my phone with me into the meeting because I know my child is in good hands!
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  • Parent Review


    My girls enjoyed coming to Teddy Bears Montessori years ago & I knew that my son would too, as different as he is. He cried everyday for months but I had no alternative but to bring him to school. And every day Preshanie & her staff took him in with gentle, nurturing hands and heart. Kept me updated and reassured me that he was fine and when I would pick him up from school he would calm and smiling. Now he self confidently walks into school with a broad smile & beaming with self esteem and self confidence. Thank you to all the staff and Preshanie for always supporting us and caring for my children even on my toughest days when I feel like giving up, Preshanie and her team are there to share a supportive hand to not just my child but to me as well.
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  • Parent Review


    Its been a few years now since my child graduated from Teddy Bears Montessori. My daughter started at TBM when she was 7 months old. I did not know Preshanie but when we spoke over the phone I knew this was the school for my child and I. Today my daughter is excelling at her school in the UK, we have a happy blended family. My child is a well balanced, resilient, happy, intelligent, witty little girl who was promoted once we arrived in the UK. Now that is most unusual had my child been to a traditional school.
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