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At The Down Syndrome Association Gauteng (TDSAG), we know how even the smallest contribution can make the biggest difference in someone’s life.

Peace, love security and respect for human rights are the corner stone’s for human dignity and life, more so for persons with disabilities.

Valued Parents, Donors and Sponsors

Daily we witness the miracles made possible by our donors, staff, and the parents and communities of all our children born with Down syndrome and other intellectual or physical disabilities. But above all, we witness and celebrate the miracles achieved everyday by our children. We take this opportunity to introduce our organisation to you and invite you, to join us by making your support count.


TDSAG is a non-profit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development and was established in 1986. We are an organisation that focuses on the best practices within the field of intellectual disability. Our mission is to bring our services in line with world trends in the field and to become leaders in some areas.

We are committed in findings ways, to raise awareness and understanding of the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of chromosome 21 which causes the genetic condition Down syndrome, which affects 1 in 800 births worldwide, and to promote the inherent rights of persons with Down syndrome, to enjoy full and dignified lives and be active participants, in their communities and in society and in the workplace.

We respect all religions and cultures, and we work in communities where our mission can contribute to development. We work in the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Rights of Persons with Disabilities and we promote these rights in South Africa.


Children born with Down syndrome can and do grow up to live long, happy and fulfilled lives. Provided they are allowed the opportunities, they will develop independence, self-advocacy and the freedom, to make their own choices. They can thrive well into their fifties and beyond, facing many of the challenges we all encounter. Many children are now being integrated successfully into mainstream schools. Many individuals with Down syndrome follow high profile careers in the world of acting, modelling, music, sport, computer technology and motivational speaking.


We provide free outreach support groups, early intervention and self-advocacy training programmes to persons and their families living with Down syndrome and other intellectual or physical disabilities, from birth throughout adulthood. Over 75% of the people we help are poor and very vulnerable to ongoing discrimination and marginalisation.

Without quality intervention programmes like those offered by TDSAG, children and adults with these disabilities could face a life locked into poverty and potential abuse.

In the last 10 years, we have grown from having only 1 active outreach support group into an organisation, with 10 established and successful outreach support group venues. We are widely and closely allied in effective partnerships with support networks in our service area. Our hard work has raised much needed awareness and changed people’s perceptions about Down syndrome. Our support and intervention programmes have transformed lives that would otherwise have been forgotten.


Every donation counts! Fund raising has become extremely problematic within our declining SA economy and due, to the many needs that exist.

The Good News!

TDSAG has a solution. This option, allows donors who are not in a financial position to provide once-off substantial donations, to still be of meaningful support to our organisation.


By kindly making contact with Marlene Boucher on E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When we at TDSAG look into the eyes of all children, youth and adults with Down syndrome, we see possibilities. They truly believe anything can happen.

Our children with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities are the same as any other child, only differently-abled. With the right support, love and understanding from birth, they are able to achieve so much in their lives. All they ask for is respect and the chance at the same opportunities. Their faith in humanity is unconditional.

By partnering and investing in TDSAG support programmes and activities, companies and individuals will make a significant impact by providing vital support to assist us at TDSAG, to secure a better, more inclusive and socially acceptable future for persons born with Down syndrome and other intellectual or physical disabilities.

The benefits to you as a donor/sponsor are as follows:

- The Down Syndrome Association Gauteng qualifies as an Exempted Micro Enterprise and has the B-BBEE status of a Level 1 contributor
- We are able to issue your company or organisation with a Section 18(A) Donation Receipt; B-BBEE Certificate; B-BBEE Letter of Contribution and ICP Report.

Physical Address: TDSAG Office: 202 7th Avenue, Bezuidenhout Valley 2094, Johannesburg.

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Down Syndrome Association Gauteng
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Cheque Account: 40 8125 9903
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202 7th Avenue, Bezuidenhout Valley, Johannesburg 2094, Gauteng, South Africa

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