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Bartlet Road, Krugersdorp 1747, Gauteng, South Africa

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At Vineyard Christian School in Krugersdorp we aim to develop and equip our children with knowledge, skills and Christian values, which will enable them to find and fulfil their ultimate purpose in Christ.

We are a Christian, English-medium, Independent, Primary School where the emphasis is on affordable, quality, Christian education which operates as a Non Profit Company (Registration No: 2005/027194/08) under the authority of a board of directors. The school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) and is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Vineyard Christian School Was established in 1990 as an extension to Little Kings Nursery School, Little Kings Nursery School became LITTLE VINEYARD NURSERY SCHOOL.

The Primary School, VINEYARD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, opened its doors in January 2006 with one Grade R and one Grade 1 class. In January 2008, we completed the Foundation Phase of our school with the opening of the Grade 3 class and in January 2011 the Intermediate Phase of the school was completed with the opening of a Grade 6 class.

In January 2012 we completed our Primary School with the opening of our Senior Phase Grade 7 class.

Our goal is to have two classes of each grade in the Primary School. We currently have two Grade 1 classes and in January 2014 complete our goal by growing our other Grades to two classes per grade which will complete our goal for all phases.

Four new classrooms were built in 2013, for 2014 we have plans for a school hall and would like to upgrade the administration building, the dining area and after care facility. The entrance to the school will be moved to Bartlet Road and our parking area will be upgraded and enlarged.

Our Tennis/Netball Court was completed and have plans in motion to extend and upgrade our playgrounds and would also like to include a full size soccer field. Once we have achieved this we would like to get started on cricket net and a swimming pool.

Our Computer Lab Centre is now complete which allow pupils to gain valuable IT skills and use some of the computer / internet based curricullum we have available


"Educating children to seek and fulfil their individual purpose in Christ"


Vineyard Christian School is an independent school with Christian educators who are deeply committed to creatively and effectively provide a Christ-centred, spiritual, academic and physical education in a nurturing environment.


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