Young Health Centre

87 Matroosberg Road, Newlands, Pretoria 0049, Gauteng, South Africa

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At Young Health Centre situated in Newlands, Pretoria we promote health through movement, social interaction, general fitness and developmental skills.

We teach children life skills and how to adapt to their environment using all their senses in a positive way.

POPS Education
POPS is a registered IMPAK tutor centre for primary school learners who needs to function in a smaller environment and will benefit from individual attention.

Safe and friendly environment for learners to stay after school hours. Tutors are available to assist with homework and study methods. Therapy are available additionally.

POPS Tutor
If you as a parent want your child to learn independently but needs assistance at times, we can help and assist with reading and writing assistance, homework and preparations for exams and tests.

Neurofeedback Training
The HEG Neurofeedback system promotes blood flow to the frontal area of the brain. Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain deregulation.

Kinderkinetics is the developing, improving, stimulating and maintaining of motor skills for children between the age of 3 – 13 years.

Go Dance
Go Dance is a wellness programme full of fun and exercise. The aim of this program is to get young girls to learn how to move, have good control over their bodies and realise the importance of health and fitness. We do aerobics and fitness exercises on fun, modern music.

Globally everyone is aware of health and fitness these days, looking for the best way to feel good and stay healthy. If this lifestyle is incorporated from a young age we believe the future may be a much brighter one.


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87 Matroosberg Road, Newlands, Pretoria 0049, Gauteng, South Africa